Content Analytics

What is it?

NeuralSeek incorporates content analytics as a built-in feature, eliminating the need for additional code. With Content Analytics in NeuralSeek, users can effortlessly gather information about what users are searching for, assess the extent of documentation available on those topics, and evaluate documentation efficiency in addressing user queries.

Why is it important?

Content Analytics are a powerful feature that enable insight on the performance of your corporate documentation. You can gain insights on where content is exellent, underperforming, nonexistant or seldom used - and inform the groups responsible for creating or updating that information on how better to allocate their time.

How does it work?

Two main scores are returned when a user asks a question to NeuralSeek:

Coverage Score: This score represents the number of documents or sections of documents that discuss the subject area(s) of a question from NeuralSeek.

Confidence Score: The confidence score represents the likelihood that the information found in the KnowledgeBase of NeuralSeek and presented as a response is correct. This probability is given as a percentage. Low scoring questions with low converage scores tend to mean there is little or no documentation on the subject. Low scoring questions with high converage tends to mean there are conflicting source documents.