Watson Assistant Custom Extension

Use the custom extension to call NeuralSeek within Watson Assistant’s “Actions” framework.

Step by step instruction

  1. On the “Integrations” tab of Watson Assistant, click “Build Custom Extension” then “Next”.
  2. Name the extension “NeuralSeek” and give a brief description. Click “Next”.
  3. Upload your NeuralSeek OpenApi file. Click “Next” then “Finish”.
  4. On the new “NeuralSeek” extension tile that appears, click “Add”, “Add”, then “Next”.
  5. On the authentication screen, select “API key auth”, and enter your api key.
  6. Click “Next”, “Finish”, then “Close”.
  7. On the “Actions” tab of Watson Assistant, click “Create Action”. Choose Quick Start, then select the NeuralSeek Starter Kit.
  8. Open your action and connect it to the extension you created in the previous steps.

More information about Watson Assistant NeuralSeek Extension

Please refer to the following documentation for more information regarding NeuralSeek starter-kit available on Watson Assistant Extension. https://github.com/watson-developer-cloud/assistant-toolkit/tree/master/integrations/extensions/starter-kits/neuralseek