NeuralSeek overview

NeuralSeek is an AI-powered Answers-as-a-Service, designed to enhance information sharing and customer support within organizations’ virtual agents. NeuralSeek works by leveraging the capabilities of a sophisticated Large Language Model(LLM) and the users’ corporate KnowledgeBase, allowing virtual agents to provide concise and contextually relevant responses to user queries.

NeuralSeek empowers businesses. Unlike most AI, NeuralSeek provides a clickable path to fact check AI generated responses, data analytics to improve AI natural language, and step-by-step instructions to use AI to clean and maintain accurate resource data. It is the business solution to use AI in a professional workplace.

By leveraging a comprehensive knowledge base - Supported KnowledgeBases - NeuralSeek excels at answering user questions. What sets NeuralSeek apart from conventional AI solutions is its incorporated set of features. NeuralSeek offers a clickable path to fact-check AI response, utilization of data analytics to enhance AI natural language capabilities, and comprehensive step-by-step instructions for maintaining accuracy and clean resource data. With these additional capabilities, NeuralSeek emerges as the ideal AI solution for empowering professional businesses.


Available Cloud Platforms

NeuralSeek is both a SaaS and on-prem solution. The most popular and easiest way to use NeuralSeek is to use one of our SaaS plans. We are available as SaaS on several hyperscalers: IBM Cloud, Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS), and all of these platforms offer the same feature set. Some specific NeuralSeek plans are only available on certain hyperscalers. NeuralSeek is also available on-premise to run on any Cloud or your hardware to support any level of security, HIPAA, govCloud, or FedRamp requirements as it can run completley isolated from a network connection.

IBM Cloud

AWS marketplace

Azure marketplace



  • Sign up for a demo which can be a fast and easy way to learn how NeuralSeek works. NeuralSeek team can schedule and demonstrate the key features of NeuralSeek according to your convenience, and also answer any questions that you may have regarding the product. Schedule a demo today, at https://neuralseek.com/demo.


  • https://academy.neuralseek.com/ is the website that hosts NeuralSeek academy, where you can go through a self-pace training to study and learn about its features via tutorials, hands-on-lab, and additional resources. Please reach out to [email protected] to access the academy.

Use Cases

Virtual Agent/Chatbot

NeuralSeek can integrate with Virtual Agents/Chatbots such as IBM Watson Assistant or AWS Lex to provide a tool to automate and improve the customer care process. NeuralSeek can allow Virtual Agents to handle a customer care process, only delegating to a Live Agent if necessary. NeuralSeek with a virtual agent can be used as an internal tool as well to provide a corporate KnowledgeBase-backed solution to assist teams in decision-making.

Internal Organization Tool

NeuralSeek can be used as an internal organization tool for companies with large amounts of data/documentation to sort through. Through the “Seek”, “Curate”, and “Analytics” section, NeuralSeek allows a company to share information from a virtual agent to an employee/user without delegating to live agents in the business. NeuralSeek provides managers a solution to aid their employees when they feel as though they don’t have the bandwidth to support large & vastly unique demographics. It maintains conversational context to provide users with concrete answers to each and every question that they present to the virtual agent.

Internal Content Managing

The NeuralSeek "mAIstro" feature is a versatile tool designed to make the most of Large Language Models (LLMs) in a user-friendly way. It serves as an internal content manager, offering the choice of LLM, NeuralSeek Template Language for queries, versatile data retrieval, content enhancement, guided prompts, and effortless output. "mAIstro" is your go-to tool for managing and improving content within your organization using the power of LLMs.


NeuralSeek offers integrations with various platforms and tools to enhance their functionalities. These integrations include Watson Assistant Custom Extension, Corporate KnowledgeBase integrations such as Watson Discovery and Elastic AppSearch, and cloud platform integrations with IBM Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS). NeuralSeek also provides REST API and WebHooks for any compatible applications to be able to invoke its services easily.

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