Extract entities from text. Configure entities in the Extract Tab.

{{ extract }}

Returns: JSON representation of the extracted entities.



My phone number is 555-555-5555=>{{ extract }}

Output: (You may see more entities than shown below - this is only an example)

  "phone-number": [

Extract Keywords

Extracts keywords from input text.

{{ keywords | nouns: true }}


  • Nouns: If true, return all nouns. If false, only return proper nouns.

Returns: The resulting keywords.

Example 1:

I have 20 cats and 40 dogs
{{ keywords|nouns:true }}

Will yield:

20 cats, 40 dogs

Example 2:

Howard has 20 cats and 40 dogs
{{ keywords|nouns:false }}

Will yield:


If the nouns: true is used,

Howard, 20 cats, 40 dogs

Is returned.

Extract Grammar

Extracts grammar from input text, grouping by type of word.

{{ grammar }}

Returns: This sets environment variables from the text given, classifying words into buckets like dates, nouns, determiners, etc

Example 1:

Howard has 20 cats and 40 dogs. 
He took them to the vet last week.
{{ grammar  }}

Will yield in the environment (see the Inspector):

grammar.year: [2024]
grammar.dates: ["last","week"]
grammar.propernouns: ["Howard"]
grammar.nouns: ["20 cats","40 dogs","vet","week"]
grammar.preps: ["He","them"]
grammar.determiners: []

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