NeuralSeek Template Language (NTL)

NeuralSeek's mAIstro feature is powered by NeuralSeek Template Language (NTL), enabling users to extract and format data from various sources for subsequent processing by LLM without traditional coding. Often times, this is faster than a custom Python script.

It simplifies many tasks - API connections, data formatting, mathematics - streamlining the process of preparing data for further language model processing.

How does it work?

  • Users utilize template commands within NTL to query databases, websites, uploaded documents, APIs, and more, while specifying parameters for extraction and formatting. The resulting data is then available for use in driving subsequent language generation.

Some general rules

  • Considering the extensive use of double quotes in NTL, typically you will need to \"\" escape double quotes to use in functions. For example, in SQL / Database queries.
  • Any blank value (e.g. "") is considered "not present" or null-equivalent.
  • Variables used with << >> notation will always expand in-place.

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